Who are you?

SIBE AUTOMATION is made up of a dedicated group of engineers and craftsmen whose sole objective is to provide quality solutions to customers in a wide spectrum of industries. Our mainstay line is to produce the best and most affordable cut sheet vacuum forming machines in the country.


What services do you provide?

Sibe Automation provides:

  • Machine Building
  • Control Systems Design and Development
  • Reconditioning Services


Who have you provided services for?

We have developed and built numerous production systems for the following industries: aerospace, metal fabrication, medical, packaging, water management,
electronics and plastics recycling. With over 25 years experience and well over 300 systems in production around the world, we have developed the
expertise and track record to become an essential part of your next project.


What products do you offer?

Sibe Automation designs and builds : Vacuum forming Machines, Drying Ovens, CNC Routers, Control Panels,  Infrared Heaters. you may also want to visit our store where we offer a broad line related products


What is vacuum forming?

Vacuum forming is a generic term for the process of producing plastic parts from a flat sheet of plastic under temperature and pressure. In the highest expression of the technology, vacuum forming offers close tolerances, tight specifications, and sharp detail. When combined with advanced finishing techniques, high-technology vacuum forming results in products comparable to those formed by injection molding. All of us are exposed to many thermoformed plastics in our daily lives. They have replaced many parts previously manufactured from wood, paper, glass, and metal.


What are the benefits of vacuum forming?

Vacuum forming is efficient and very cost-effective for the production of many plastic parts depending on their size, shape, and quantity. Initial project costs are usually much lower, and lead times to tooling and production are generally much shorter than other processes. Modifications to design often times may be achieved. Temporary tooling offers an inexpensive short-term test for design issues and product market acceptance.


When and where does vacuum forming fit?

Large panels, housings, enclosures, and similar parts are especially well-suited to the vacuum forming process. Tooling costs for these parts is considerably less than injection molding, which may have cost-prohibitive tooling costs. Parts with features mostly confined to one side of the part are best suited to vacuum forming, but features on the uncontrolled side of the part may be addressed by trimming or fabrication and assembly


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We have shipped our products all over the world, from Australia to the Middle East.


How can I see what others have to say?

Check out our 100% positive feedback on Ebay. Click here to view our feedback. You can also contact us for a list of referrals.


How can I contact you?

Please feel free to contact us by phone at 678-860-1741 or by email at


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